Unlocking Access to Safe Drinking Water With the SAFE DRINKING WATER Hand Pump

How Does the Hand Pump Help Create Access to Clean Water?

PESAF implemented a project to provide safe drinking water sources in Pakistan. Team PESAF after the need assessment survey, finalises the Safe Drinking Water Project work plan. Team PESAF plans to function installations fully, adequately manage 25 Hand Pumps,

Social Mobilization is a tool for supporting rural men and women in their efforts to alleviate poverty. It encourages men and women to form a group to actively empower people to manage local development initiatives. Orientation sessions were conducted to mobilise the communities around health and hygiene, good practices, and safe drinking water for good health. PESAF social mobilisation team shared the introduction with Safe Drinking Water Project details and its expected outcomes for the lives of communities.
PESAF Social Mobilization team formed a village water committee in each village to engage the local community from the start of the Safe Drinking water Project to identify the beneficiaries, and site for Hand Pumps, ensuring the quality of work and ownership development of the program. PESAF prepared a one-page brief handing over documents signed by each person to whom the hand pump was handed over. The PESAF team provided them with orientation regarding hand pump maintenance through technical persons. It was decided that this caretaker would be responsible for looking after the hand pumps

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